Assisted Living Program


First Nations, provinces, and Yukon provide assisted living services to eligible recipients.

The Assisted Living Program gives money to identified service providers to help provide non-medical, social support services to seniors, adults with chronic illness, and children and adults with disabilities (mental and physical) on reserve so that they can maintain their independence.

There are three major components:

  • in-home care
  • adult foster care
  • institutional care (for those needing personal non-medical 24-hour care)

You may be eligible if you:

  • live on-reserve, or your primary residence is on-reserve, and you have been formally assessed by a health care provider (in the provinces or Yukon) as requiring social support services.
  • do not have the means to get these services yourself, or cannot get access to other sources of support from the federal, provincial, or Yukon governments.
How to apply

Apply for the Assisted Living Program

  • Contact your band's Assisted Living Coordinator or your Band Manager to arrange an assessment by a health care provider.
Hard Application
Tax filing