The My Benefits Screening tool is an online tool designed to help service providers identify income assistance benefits for people living on low income.

Guide your clients through a series of questions about aspects of their life including employment, income, ability to make ends meet, number of children, and others. The tool then identifies and recommends government benefits and services your client may be eligible for. Using the tool may help to reduce poverty by directing people living on low income to increase their incomes by accessing government benefits.

Prosper Canada, St. Michael’s Hospital Academic Family Health Clinic, Flemingdon Health Centre, and Inner City Family Health Team have partnered to develop, implement and evaluate the tool in healthcare settings.


The Benefits Screening Tool (BST), originally created for use in healthcare settings, was developed in partnership with The Upstream Lab (Centre for Urban Health Solutions, St. Michael’s Hospital), the University of Toronto, and the Ontario College of Family Physicians to enhance a paper-based tool which screens patients for benefits eligibility and allows health practitioners to identify government benefits and ultimately, raise patients’ income.

Prosper Canada has adapted the BST, now called the My Benefits Screening tool, for people living on low incomes for use in community social service settings. The tool is a resource to help community agencies who provide essential financial empowerment supports such as benefits navigation and tax filing services. The tool is for individuals and families who may not be receiving substantial income available through tax credits or encounter barriers to accessing benefits they may be eligible for, but are not receiving.